New Book: The Unauthorized Atari 2600 Imagic Companion

The is a draft of the cover for my latest book The Unauthorized Atari 2600 Imagic Companion.  Imagic always used an usual aesthetic, especially for their space games so I figure a companion book should probably keep the tradition.  I believe this might be the first book made that is dedicated only to 2600 Imagic games.

Unlike my previous books, this one is smaller mostly because the Imagic library is smaller than what was presented in the Sports Almanac, The Arcade Companion Volume 1 and 2, and The Activision Companion. As such this book will reflect the price of the smaller content, meaning it will be CHEAPER than the others. I like keeping the books as inexpensive as possible as I want as many people as possible to enjoy them. Anyways, the Imagic Companion will be available before the end of the month. In the mean time feel free to pick up a copy of my other retro books here: Michael D. Salzman Retro Books and thanks for stopping by!