Activision Companion Cover Preview

As you may have seen previously, my new book The Unauthorized Atari 2600 Activision Companion will be released soon. This image is a draft of what the cover will look like, while there will be some minor changes (there are some obvious centering issues) it’s close enough to share for now.

Inspiration came from the many hardcover computer books I checked out from the library as a kid, the rainbow aesthetic that can be found everywhere in the early years of Activision, the 1980’s grid that goes well with any retro, and of course Harry in hot pursuit of treasure.

If you’re curious about the “Collector’s Edition”, there will be two edition, the standard that is printed on cream paper in black and white like a retro video game book from the early 1980’s, and the full colored edition which will have additional images.

The release date should be right before the end of the January. Thanks again everybody for your support on this book, and my previous ones.