New Book – Atari 2600 Sports Almanac

We’re only a few weeks away! The new book is tentatively called the Unauthorized Atari 2600 Sports Almanac, it covers 38 of your favorite (and maybe not so favorite) Atari 2600 sports games and is expected to be released late this month (August).

The games covered include: The Activision Decathlon, Basketball, BMX Air Master, Bowling, Boxing (Activision), California Games, Double Dunk, Dragster, Enduro, Football, Golf, Grand Prix, Home Run, Ice Hockey, Indy 500, Pele’s Soccer (Championship Soccer), Pete Rose Baseball, Pole Position, Racquetball, RealSports Baseball, RealSports Boxing, RealSports Football, RealSports Soccer, RealSports Tennis, RealSports Volleyball, Skiing, Sprint Master, Steeplechase, Summer Games, Super Baseball, Super Challenge Baseball, Super Challenge Football, Super Football, Tennis (Activision), Title Match Pro Wrestling, Track & Field, Video Olympics (Pong Sports), and Winter Games!

Each game features at least one screen shots (some have more), and has information on the options and variations the games offer, a summary of the game’s design, strategies for each, and a brief analysis.  This paperback version is purposefully printed in black and white for two reasons.  The first is to resemble the appearance and style of early 1980’s video game strategy paperbacks, such as “How to Master Home Video Games” by Tom Hirschfeld. The second reason is to keep the book affordable – colored high-resolution images of low resolution games do not justify the premium for colored printing.

Also included in the book are some vintage print ads for Atari, and last but not least a high-score / world record section.  Now this is a bit tricky because I don’t want to go out and poach scores from score adjudicating websites because I don’t own those scores or content, and equally I don’t those record holders permissions to reprint their achievements.  Therefore I’m allowing score holders (recognized or not) to submit their accomplishments along with the disclaimer that the scores will not be verified for accuracy – which was common in early 1980’s video game publications.  If you would like to submit your Atari 2600 sports scores for inclusion in the book please follow this link: Atari 2600 Sports Score Submissions.  I will continue to accept submissions until 3 days before the final version is due which I’ll continue to push until no later than August 27th.

Lastly, a number of different cover designs are being considered including the one shown here to resemble the classic Pee-Chee folder design.  As we get closer to the deadline I may let the public vote on the final design.

The book already has more than 200 pages and will continue to swell as score submissions continue to be receive.

Thank you everyone for your continued support!